Now I know you can do yoga in pretty much any old clothes…

anything stretchy really…

I have to confess, you can often find me on my mat in pyjamas, but…

There is so much beautiful activewear out there these days that it would be rude not to indulge would it? I actually love how this industry has really opened up, leaving room for some beautiful and functional designs. Here are some of my bits of yoga wishlist for gear that can easily take you from studio to street without looking like a soccer mom.

Ana Heart MOSS leggings in Carbon


Now, some of you may have noticed that I do have these babies in black, I not only adore but live in them. They are so well fitting, simple, but with an elegant twist, they give you that basic outfit with an edge. I would really love another pair and grey is my favourite colour. I actually have a discount code for Ana Heart, so if you fancy snagging these beauties for yourself, use the code SLIGHTLYSALTY to get 10% off.

Alo Yoga Wanderer Long Sleeve

Alo Wanderer

Now, if you have been on Instagram lately, I’m sure you couldn’t help miss Alo Yoga’s beautiful new fall collection. Can pretty much say I want it all. My favourite piece (although hard to pic just one) would probably be this beautiful long sleeve in this beautiful ever mint colour.

Surfers Against Sewage Blue Sweater


As much as I hate to admit it, winter is coming. This sweatshirt will be lovely to wrap up in for limber or savasana. The most brilliant thing is this is made out of recycled plastic bottles! Mayyyy have already purchased this one…

See anything you like? Let me know.