Anytime something upsetting or frustrating happens in my life, its usually because of expectation. I was planning on spending the New Year in Cornwall, but due to my current spinal injury, I ended up welcoming in the New Year back in my home county, Pembrokeshire. Initially it was a little frustrating, but ultimately so nice to spend more time with family and friends than I have for a good while. A lot of my time there was stressful, trying to find out exactly what was wrong with my back/body, switching meds, quite an emotional rollercoaster. Even as I type this, I’m not sure I exactly like the phrase ‘what is WRONG’ with my back. I mean, I know I have an injury, I know its going to have to be fixed, its hella painful, and it does make it very hard for me to life, but I guess I wanna start viewing it as a phase. A phase I’m going through. A period of growth. I don’t think it will be forgotten for a while. Anyway, here are a few of the things I did.

  1. Rediscovered my love of sea swimming. It started with a wild 8 am dip in the midst of a storm with Joey Jones at Nolton. The immersion was quick, we basically walked into a massive wall of water. The dip pictured here was a much mellower venture into Solva harbour under the watchful eye of Rosie The Dog. For more sea swimming, check my recent youtube video (

2. Decided to make a dull day a little brighter with a skate down my FAVOURITE road in the winter sun. Its a little difficult when you can’t feel one of your legs. My balance is a little off. I was sore as hell the next day. Was it worth it? Hell yeah.

3. Spent time on the beach with my top perros. I mean, the beach is pretty much in my daily routine, as I tend to linger around coastal areas.

4. Exercised my array of talents. But was it talent or a pointy nose?

5. Spent time with some of my most favourite friends. Furry and otherwise. Although, it would seem the furries were much better documented, but they did cook me dinner less…