DSC_0002Yesterday evening, we were walking on Druidstone Beach. It’s a beautiful beach and part of that beauty lies in the fact that it is so exposed. We have had some strong westerly winds recently, so when we got down to the beach we found it covered in plastic. Plastic is a tricky one, as it is so useful and we rely on it everyday. The trouble is, it is not in any way a natural substance and once it is made, it’s very difficult to get rid of. What was more upsetting is the fact that along with all of the debris on the beach, we also found a dead herring gull and an injured gannet. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but we do know that all of the plastic we discard into the oceans has a huge detrimental affect on the wildlife.

What can you do? Something fairly simple, which only takes a little though each day is to cut down on your consumption of single use plastics. So, instead of buying bottles of water all the time, buy a flask and ask for refills. You will soon be saving way more than the cost of the flask. Think, do you really need a plastic bag, or could you carry a canvas one or use a box? If there is an option between two items, buy the one with the least packaging. Finally, if you see discarded plastic, regardless of whether or not it is yours, pick it up. For more information on what happens to our plastic, a really great documentary to watch is ‘Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’.