Hey, as requested, I have my top 3 smoothies/juices for you. I knoowwwwww I’m not the best food photographer, and usually have eaten/drunk half of it before remembering to take a photo, but I do try!

So, first up, we have my green juice, or as you may know it better, The Daily Pond. As much as I joke that this looks like pond water, I have 1 to 2 of these every day, always 1 in the morning and I usually chuck one in my bag to take to uni. With all 3 of these, please play with the quantities to suit your tastes.

The Daily Pond Ingredients:

1 handleful frozen mango

1 big handful of kale  (black is my favourite, you could also use spinach)

1 massive chunk of ginger

Squeeze of lemon/lime

1 teaspoon of spirulina. (If you are a normal person who does not LOVE spirulina, I would say, build up to a teaspoon, its an acquired taste. Also, if you don’t have it, no stress, but it adds to the nutrient density).

Chuck it all in a blender, top with water, blend and go. The Daily Pond. There we have it.

Number 2: I’m not sure what to call this other than Almond Butter Cacoa Deliciousness

Almond Butter Cacoa Deliciousness Ingredients:

1 medjool (Me Julie) date

1 big tablespoon on almond/peanut butter. Im a food horder so have about 4 types of each don’t judge.

1 tspn maca powder*

1 tbspn cacao (cocoa would work too)

1 handful of frozen banana

Throw in a blender, top of with cashew/coconut milk, blend, drink, enjoy. This is actual heaven you can thank me later. Only top with bee pollen if you are pretentious like me.

Number 3 is my kinda protein shake. Bro.

So, to make this (not so) Bro shake, you will need:

1 handful frozen raspberries

1 tspn maca powder*

1 scoop vanilla plant based protein (I use the Super Elixir one and I hate how expensive it is, as its really delicious. It also has so much other good stuff in like probiotics… Its a gift I buy myself because I never go out #grandmalife, the Sun Warrior one is also good but has more crap in and is less tasty, wow this is long sorry for the protein essay)

A little squeeze of agave because I have a sweet tooth (probably unnecessary)

Throw in blender. Top with cashew/coconut milk. Again, top with flax seeds if you pretentious too (they are really good for you though! :)). Enjoy! I hope the recipe for this one wasnt too…Goopy. It is really good. No colonics here…

If you make any of these, please send me a pic as I would love to see.

For anyone wondering, the kilner jars are from amazon, and yes, I can feel safe putting my Daily Pond and my laptop in the same bag for uni!

Metal straws are also from amazon and good for le planet.

Adios amigos, till we meet again!

(I also just posted a youtube you could go watch xx)