Selkie and Nix are a brand that I discovered late 2014 and immediately fell in love with. The first thing that grabbed my attention was their logo. Simple and beautiful. Then the stunning dark brown glass packaging. All very visually pleasing and to top it all off, they are based in the UK.


However, their products are not just a pretty face. Everything I have tried has been lovely and I can see myself repurchasing time and time again. The stand out product for me is the ‘Daughters of the Sea Selkies Hair Oil’. Having what can only be described as quite a mane, which tends to take a fairly hefty battering from sunshine, wind and salt I can happily say that this the best one I have tried. The smell is just beautiful and really lingers for a few days after use (if you are a scuzball that doesn’t wash your hair often like myself), has tamed my course hair to a smoother state, brought it to a very healthy condition with hardly a split end in sight and I feel has also been gradually lightening my hair. To sum it up, this product is mermaid hair in  a bottle.