Confession time. I’m THAT person. You know the one, the one who wares their yoga kit ALL THE TIME. In my defence, I will have, during the day at some point done some yoga. I also tend to feel much more ¬†motivated to exercise if I’m already wearing the gear and to be quite honest, who needs the stress of jeans in their life. I could go on and on with my ode to yoga pants, but you probably get the gist, I like them a lot and wear them all the time.

Im actually very picky with my yoga pants and when I find a pair I like, I absolutley live in them (especially if they are in black). This pair from Girlfriend Collective are just absolute game changers. I loved them the minute I put them on. They just fit so so well, really figure huggings and they really suck you in without feeling constricting (you can totally hide a food baby in these bad boys, don’t worry, I tested that out for you:)). The waist band comes to the perfect place on me, just over the belly button, of so flattering. The material is really nice and thick and totally opaque, which is amazing, since really, no one needs to see your underwear through your yoga pants. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, another win for me. They also have quite a unique texture, almost neoprene like.

Basically, I’m in love! One of the best things is, I think I picked these bad boys up for about ¬£15, I know! The lovely people at Girlfriend Collective are currently selling their pants for this super low price while they get their company properly established (and lets face it, get us all hooked on their stuff). The only downside is, they took a REALLY long time to arrive, like I think I ordered mine way back in May and they only arrived in September. I think this was due to teething problems getting set up, so hopefully will be quicker from now on. But seriously guys, go go go! Cant recommend these enough.

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