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These days, a lot of people share a lot of stuff online. Its kinda crazy, when I was growing up, we had internet at home, but it was dial up. Like, it may take you around 20 minutes to upload a picture to your bebo account. Pre Facebook days huh. You would never really give away your real name online. The only people you connected with were people you knew in real life. Although it may look to some that I share a lot online, I don’t really, its actually a very small aspect of my life. What I actually struggle with quite a lot is that people seem to feel like they have the right to ask you whatever the damn they like, that they have the right to know everything about you.

You know what, that ain’t the case at all! Instead of struggling with this, I now just simply delete any messages I’m not feeling, block the creepers or anyone who’s interaction makes me feel uncomfortable. Anyone who I feel is pushing for too much from me.

One thing I don’t speak about very much is my relationship. This is actually the reason I wanted to make this post in the first place. I don’t share very much about it, and that is absolutely something that I do not intend on changing, but yes, I am in a very happy, perfect for me relationship, and have been for quite a long time. There is no particular reason why I don’t share more about this, it is just something I do not feel the need to market, just to enjoy. Same with my real tight group of friends really, I love you all, I hope you know it, and I don’t use that word lightly.

However, another reason for this post is I do have some general thoughts on relationships that I do want to share. I guess it is something that often comes up when I am travelling, people asking ‘Doesn’t your boyfriend mind that you are away travelling’, which honestly just makes me laugh.

My genuine and raw thoughts are:

You should be with someone because you are better together than you are apart, not because you are scared of being alone. You should be with someone who builds you up and supports you, raises you up, pushes you to grow, gives you space to grow and helps you to challenge yourself, whilst loving you as you are. I guess at the end of everything it comes down to the idea of being better together than you are apart.

As with everything I ever say, its just coming from my perspective and experiences, take whatever you will from it.

Happy Sunday.