Balaena | Limited Edition Lino Print 12.5″ 11.5″


Limited Edition Lino Print | Run of 50 | 12.5″ x 11.5″

As much as I love to draw and paint, printing has always been my forte/true medium.
This is a particularly special piece for me. I was lucky enough to spend some time aboard Balaena with Prof. Hal Whitehead and crew, conducting whale research in the N.Atlantic. This was a big turning point for me, as it is really kicked my butt into studying full time (I was open university before), and is the sort of research that I will be doing once I graduate.
Hal Whitehead is one of the individuals who pioneered non invasive whale research (as opposed to postmortem research done through whaling), as has paved the way for what I will be doing. I am currently saving for my own research boat, which I will hopefully have by the Autumn, then I will be sailing/working on collecting data/researching from aboard under sail, trying to leave as little impact on the ocean giants as possible.
The dollar goes towards my boat and future research. Also if anyone Lino prints, it’s pretty damn impressive that all those compass points are the right way round 😂.

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