Was tempted to call this post cooking with Hannah. Didn’t cook though, only blended! Although I don’t looooove making food the way some people do, I am rather fond of eating food. I am also a human that gets all kindsa hangry and pathetic without regular snacks. Annd I went fully plant based in Jan, leading to increased snacking.

I got in to balls (snort) in the summer as my friend Joey Jones used to ply me with them post my morning yoga classes. Since then, the ball game has developed, with some pretty wild flavours and a couple broken crappy blenders (warning: don’t break your blender). These days, I usually will eat a couple to give my the energy to get out of bed (yup, I put them on my bedside table before I go to sleep), then maybe snack on a few more throughout the day. You can also make soooooo many variations, but these are the ones I knocked up yesterday:

Makes: At least 10, depending on your ball size of choice.


Me Julie Dates (8 to 10)

Tbspn. Maca Powder

Heaped Tbspn. Cacao Powder (you could use cocoa)

Handful of Cacoa Nibs (for crunch, also optional)

Dash of Vanilla Essence

Pinch of Seasalt

100g of Cashews (or nut of your choice)

Tbsn. of Flax Seed


  1. Blend up your Me Julie’s, with a little water. The amount of water will depend on how good your blender is, but the less the better if you want your balls to be firm. I use a nutribullet and always have to put in a little more than I want too.
  2. Add in everything else. Blend some more.
  3. Roll into balls. Refrigerate. Make some ball related jokes. Enjoy.

If you make them and like them let me know. Maybe someday my food photography will get better, and I will have to resort to less Ali G memes, who knows.