I feel like for my whole life I have been swapping from home to home to home. Although I love to travel, I find moving all the time very stressful and although I hate to admit it, I do get homesick.



Finally, I have a solution. Van and Boat! This has been a dream for long time. As cliche as it sounds bringing it all together was the result of sweat and tears, however it has been immensely rewarding and best of all, I know have two permanent yet transient homes. It’s incredible to have these spaces that we have been able to design and decorate the way we want. It has also been a big learning process as we completed all of the work converting the van (Malfors) by ourselves. The van is finished and now¬†officially recognised as a camper by the DVLA. It has a bed (obvs), a surprisingly large amount of storage, water, hob, potted plants, a tiny log burner and my¬†favourite part, electricity (all from solar power). The boat (Dacha) still needs a little love, but both of them have taught us so much (and I am sure they will continue to do so). Whilst at the moment we are just living and working, travel plans are on the horizon, with both a big van and big sailing trip planned for the not to distant future. All very exciting stuff.



van table


Is it hard living on a 30ft boat with a collie? Rosie the dog loves it, but kindly leaves hair on everything.