I took a trip up to Oulton Broad on the East Coast of England last week to visit Gabe. Was very interesting as I have actually never been to the East Coast before and live on the other side of the Country. I am trying to enjoy long drives a bit more and I did get some beautiful scenery I want to be out in it, not just sitting and looking. When it’s just me and Rosie in the van, I’m always just looking to get where I’m going. Plus, she has a habit of sticking her nose in my ear at roundabouts.

The East coast is very different from home, my first observation being that it is really really flat. Great for cycling. The coast line there is also very different for my as I’m used to high rugged cliffs as opposed to a gentle slope. The North Sea? Sorry but it is pretty brown looking. I did actually really enjoy the visit though. Nice to explore a new place.