On June 12th, 2015, I set sail for Arendal, Norway, aboard Excelsior, a 77′ Lowestoft Fishing Smack built 1921. This is the boat that Gabe currently works on, and seeing as we will be apart for most of the summer, I hopped aboard for an adventure and so that we could spend some time together.

Excelsior was a fishing vessel up until 1939. These days she mostly spends her time taking young people to sea. Excelsior is definitely the most traditional vessel I have ever sailed aboard, as her trust aims to keep her as close to original as possible. At first I found myself a little out of place with such a traditional rig and it took a few days to learn what was what and how to sail her. Initially I was very frustrated and thought that sailing in such a traditional manner was backwards, that everything was too hard and that modern day improvements had been inventedĀ  for a reason. However, after a while, I felt like everything started to fall into place and I feel that sailing a boat like Excelsior has deepened my understanding of sailing.