The reason why we sailed to Norway in the first place was to celebrate the relaunch of Boy Leslie, a Brixham Trawler. In total, we met with 6 other vessels of the same heritage. I can’t say that historic vessels are a particular interest of mine, but it was fairly surreal to see all of these working vessels of a past era all gathered together in a modern setting.



After a few days of resting in Arendal, we all set sail to the island of Hesnesoy. We were all supposed to race over there, but I don’t think anyone was taking it very seriously, as you can see, we certainly weren’t. We came last.




The island was absolutely amazing, without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Rosie would have loved it. We met up with all of the boats again and had a meal together before everyone left to go their separate ways in the morning.








The next morning we swam, ate fresh fish and got ready to start sailing home. In all honesty, the return trip was fairly uneventful, as there wasn’t a whole lot of wind. We called in at Helgoland and Den Helder on the way back, but I can’t say that either of these places particularly stood out to me. The BEST thing on the return journey was the bioluminescence! Really hard to photograph, but it was so amazingly surreal, really made my night watch. Now, we are back in the UK for just over a week, then off on the next adventure. More to come.