After nearly 5 days of continuous sailing across the North Sea, we ran out of water, so had to stop in Hvide Sande, Denmark to fill up. It had been our intention to sail directly to Norway, however, I was very happy to step ashore for a few hours, have a shower, a leg stretch and to explore a new place.

The crossing so far had been good, but hard work as I was sea sick for 2 days (curse of the North Sea), whilst cooking for 13 people and doing a university assessment which was due to be submitted the day we arrived in Norway.

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The seas has been messy, we were beating into prevailing wind and tide most of the way. I passed a lot of time on deck, trying not to vomit, distracting myself by watching the fulmars banking and gliding over the storm swells. For a short while we were followed by a curious minke whale, however, aside from the odd porpoise, it did seem that the North Sea was fairly devoid of life. One thing which it was definitely not short of was wind farms, which I find very beautiful, made all the more interesting by the fact that a large number of them were uncharted, ensuring that whilst watch keeping we kept a good lookout.

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Hvide Sande is the 5th largest fishing port in Denmark, and whilst it was full of fishing boats, it did seem otherwise fairly devoid of life. Despite or perhaps because of the sparse population, I found the place to be beautiful, with its muted tones, sand dunes and fjord. In Hvide Sande, I also ate the best chips I have ever eaten in my life. And I have eaten a fair few chips.

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