Hi, I’m Hannah. I started yoga around 3 years ago as a result of a chronic shoulder injury. I was struggling with my health and feeling very frustrated about not being able to function properly. I would leave doctors and hospital appointments feeling so upset and discouraged that they didn’t really seem to know what was wrong with my shoulder and they couldn’t just do or give me something to instantly fix it. On reading ‘Yoga Anatomy’ by Kaminoff and Matthews I read the quote “What yoga can teach us is that everything essential we need for our health and happiness is already present in our systems. We merely need to identify and resolve some of the obstacles that obstruct those natural forces from operating”. This really resonated with me and for the first time I realised that it was my own responsibility to get my health in order.

I started slowly, as at this point my right shoulder was extremely weak, unstable and very, very tight. A few rounds of sun salutations a few days a week alongside gentle stretching poses such as thread the needle and cow faced were challenging enough to begin with. It was very slow going, but if I look back at where I was when I started, I’m a world away. The biggest changes I saw were when I took my practise daily.

These days, I practise daily for between 30 minutes and 2 hours. My style of practise is a strong and energising flow followed by long, deep, stretching. I really believe consistency is key.

I can often be found outside, surfing at the beach or walking my dog Rosie. I am also currently studying for a BSc. in Marine Biology.