I know a lot of people think New Years Resolutions are kinda stupid, but I’ve been making them the last few years, and they really help me focus. The first one I made was in 2012 and that was to learn to burp. It took me 8 months but I damn well achieved it, and can now burp like a trooper. Who said you can’t live your dreams…

On a more serious note, I feel like 2018 is going to be the year of being determined. Fiercely determined. I have some big things I want to achieve this year, and I’m not prepared to let the year go by without them happening. So, big goals for 2018 are…

  1. Get my back fixed. Something I’ve been debating whether to go into detail about, but here goes. I have sciatica for around 9 months now, turns out I have a bulging disc, possibly worse, and am going to have to have spinal surgery to fix it. I currently have to feeling in my left foot, and very little in my left leg from the knee down. Without pain killers, it is unbearably painful, even with them, it still hurts quite a lot. With the medication I’m having to take, I’m sleepy. I’m usually someone who is up around 5.30, usually in the sea by 7 ¬†am for a pre uni surf. I also love to run…no chance of that right now. Yoga is also pretty much out the window aside from yin. Sounds like I’m complaining a lot, but I’m actually pretty positive about it. I live in a country with free health care, I can still swim, still walk, and have a plan of action pre surgery to get myself in the best shape I can be, physically and mentally. Please let me know if you are interested in this, as if so, I will share the things I’m doing.
  2. By a boat. Yep, thats what I’m saving for at the moment. Not a house, but a boat. My goal for 2019 is to complete an Atlantic crossing, after I graduate, then to explore the Arctic conducting beluga and narwhal research. I need to the boat towards the end of this year in preparation. I know what I want, its just getting the cash together (Ebbtide 36 say wha). I was planning on keeping this to myself until I am actually doing it, but I think part of me achieving this is being accountable. Thats why I’ve started selling my Slightly Salty stuff, one facet of me getting the money together to make this happen, so if you want to support this goal in any way, please check out my shop.

Its a lot. Its a big deal. But I’m going to make it happen. Fiercely determined.

Then we have the little things:

Nail my handstand press. Surf as much as I can. Stick to eating a plant based diet. Blog more. Stop wasting time (if you wondered why I’ve deleted my Facebook account…). Play guitar more. Less procrastination. Do my caddy conversion.

Thats about it. 2018, lets rattle the stars.